Special component of tourism, the Wine Tourism is based on a journey into the world of flavors and aromas of the wine and appreciation of the traditions and cultures of the communities that produce it. The Wine Tourist enjoy this drink but it also seeks its landscapes, explores the cuisine and uses hotel and leisure structures. The visitor is invited to engage the culture and details of all that is associated with the production and wine tasting, visits vineyards, speaks to the producer, and has the opportunity to know the activity of the winery production, taking note of their secrets and comprising better his result.

Evidence of the Varais wines are held, as well as the PDO wines (table) and generous wines. These last ones have the possibility of being harmonized with chocolate.  Visit to Lagar (Wine Cellar) and Warehouses. Price per test: PDO € 5 / pax; Generous wines with matching 35 € / pax.

Since time immemorial, the wine is associated to Portuguese cuisine involving agricultural ingenuity, marking the ways and customs of a people, showing up in art and architecture, and creasing the landscape in indelible but sustainable way.” Tourism of Portugal

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Quinta dos Varais, also known as Casa dos Varais, is the only one in the Douro that annually performs POUSA NOS VARAIS - it consists on stepping on the wort stone mills - an old process of making wine. A secular tradition that after cutting the grapes, they are taken to the mills of stone to be trodden in animation environment. The celebration of the wine (the most important product in Douro) is done by respecting these traditions in the stone mills  of Casa dos Varais. The general public is invited by us to step the wort.